Upcoming Events

 Upcoming Events

28th  Candy Fundraiser
29th  Back To School Night 4-6

1st Medieval Times Membership Drive
12th Candy Fundraiser due by 3:30
13th Student PTA Member Slime Night 3:15-4:30
25th  PTA Potluck/1st PTA Meeting 4-5:30
5th  Popcorn Friday
10th Smencils Sale
8th-12th  Book Fair
24th Smencils Sale
25th Math Harvest Night
( Hot Dog Dinner for PTA Member)
2nd  Popcorn Friday
7th Smencils Sale
9th  Game Truck Students who sold 2 boxes of candy
15th PTA Meeting/Turkey Give Away
16th  Popcorn Friday
3rd-7th Holiday Shop
7th  Holiday Shop Family Night 3:15-5p.m.
14th  Popcorn Friday
18th Silly Safari Program
19th Smencils Sale
Winter Fundraiser
11th Popcorn Friday
16th Smencils Sale
25th Cookies & Canvas
25th Popcorn Friday

Previous Events

May 23rd- Ice Cream Social

April 28th- Spring Fling

April 25th- PTA Meeting

Jan. 27th- PTA Meeting/ Movie Night 

Dec 5th- 9th Santa Holiday Shop

Nov 18th- Movie Night

Sept.28th-Education Matters

Sept. 27th- Potluck/PTA Meeting