Upcoming Events

 Upcoming Events

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May 23rd- Ice Cream Social

April 28th- Spring Fling

April 25th- PTA Meeting

Jan. 27th- PTA Meeting/ Movie Night 

Dec 5th- 9th Santa Holiday Shop

Nov 18th- Movie Night

Sept.28th-Education Matters
Dear Family and Friends of Hess, 
The, Education Matters forum, is a very special event taking place on September 28 at Hammond High School from 4-6pm. This meeting of educators, legislators, and community members, will focus on discussing the most important issues related to your child's education. Our state Superintendent of Education, Glenda Ritz, will be the keynote speaker. Please plan to come to this special meeting with your children to hear how state decisions and laws will affect instruction and education in our schools. This event has been in the works for months and it will be in everyone's best interest to attend. 
As an extra incentive, Hess will have two rewards for those students who have a family member present at the meeting. Each student THAT HAS A FAMILY MEMBER PRESENT AT THE MEETING will receive a N.U.T. Pass that will allow him/her to dress down for school on Thursday, September 29.  Also, the homeroom with the highest number of parent attendance will receive a pizza party on 9/30. 
*Please make sure that you see Ms. Robinson or Ms. Sanchez, our PTA president, during the meeting for the N.U.T. Pass for students.*
If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact the main office. Please pass this important information on to other Hess families and friends. ~Thank You~

Sept. 27th- Potluck/PTA Meeting